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100 Things you should know about me before we date

 So I was thinking about my past relationships noticed a pattern where things about me and my partner would slowly come to the surface throughout the course of dating and often times that would cause conflicts. Now the general practice is that both parties reveal the important details of themselves early on in the relationship with other info being revealed over time. Being a man of anonymity, I’ve always considered this to be a reasonable dating practice, but I am getting older and the allure of keeping certain things out of the public eye isn’t all that appealing. At this point, many of you have seen these types of lists, either through social networks, YouTube, or blogs/vlogs, and while it may seem like an elementary exercise, old ticks are the best tricks as they say. Keep in mind that the list below is a submission of aspects of my person that you may want to take into consideration as it pertains to your expectations of relationships. With that being said, here it is… 100 things you should know about me before we date.

  1. My full name is Kendrick Alexander Grey. My FB name, Hemingford Alexandryous Greyhaim, is a play/combination with Hemingford being one of the many alias’ of Bruce Wayne/Batman, Alexandryous being my attempt to make Alexander more Greek/Roman, and Greyhaim being one of the last names of the white wizard, Gandalf. I also use the pseudonym, Xander Wayne.

  2. My birthday is February 16th, 1984 which makes me an Aquarius.

  3. I’m 5’11, 290lbs, size 10 ½ shoe, Dark Brown eyes, Black Hair, my dreads are real and I’ve been growing them for 13 years.

  4. I shower every other day, as well as when needed.

  5. I like working out, and being sore feels good to me.

  6. I have my own apartment, but not a car. In my opinion, having a place to live trumps having something to drive… public transportation hasn’t failed me yet.

  7. I shave bi-weekly, do laundry bi-weekly, clean my apartment once a month, and cook my own meals as much as possible.

  8. I like to keep things neat, so it’s not likely that you’ll find things scattered all over the place wherever I am, even if I’m dog tired, I can still find the energy to put things away.

  9. I’m a night owl, always been that way.

  10. I did my freshman and sophomore year of high school at Montclair High, Junior and Senior year at Taravella High, started college at BCC, did a semester at ECC, then transferred to Montclair State. I majored in Animation/Illustration, but I hope want to go back to school for Education.

  11. I’ve been in the martial arts for 18 years and have been teaching it for 10. I’m also the General Manager of the karate school I’ve been training at, so a great deal of that makes up my bust schedule. The other part of my busy schedule consist of my job as a Personal Aide for Newark Public Schools.

  12. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, I fall in the middle. My parents are divorced, my mom lives here while my dad lives in FLA. I also have a niece.

  13. I don’t smoke and I really don’t drink. I don’t have a problem with people that do, just as long as you don’t force me to do it.

  14. I read and collect comic books, I play video games, I collect DVDs, I collect figurines, I watch wrestling, I do Art, I like to write… I’m a geek, plain and simple.

  15. My music library consist of music from movie soundtracks, video games, TV shows, wrestling themes, old school, classical, instrumentals, and random songs.

  16. I’m not a particularly good dancer, mainly because I don’t go out dancing.

  17. I don’t do clubs and probably never will.

  18. I really enjoy going to the movies… on time too. Granted we live in an age where we can view trailers online, but nothing beats seeing these things on the big screen. Plus I need a good seat.

  19. My favorite color is Blue.

  20. My preferences in a girlfriend are not set in stone. I tend to be flexible, given something about you that stands out trumps everything else.

  21. I like to think I’m pretty transparent. I don’t hold grudges really and I usually don’t that things personally.

  22. Until we are living together or married, we are still entitle to our own lives. While we are in a relationship, let’s keep in mind that we are exclusive, but that should stop us from doing a lot of what we were doing for ourselves before. Do not expect me to take all of your personal baggage or deal with your crazy, deal with that shit your damn self first.

  23. I don’t believe in relocating for anyone, unless that is your strong desire. No one should ever uproot themselves from a progressive platform for the sake of a significant other unless it is 100% agreed upon.

  24. I don’t believe in Organized Religion, that’s not to say I don’t believe in a Higher Power. I’ve seen too much hypocrisy and evil perpetrated by many of these religious sects to ever want to consider being a part of one.

  25. I can honestly see myself having a kid before getting married.

  26. So far I’ve had 15 girlfriends and only 10 sexual partners in my lifetime. There… now the record is out there.

  27. My longest relationship was 4 years on and off, my shortest was 2 months.

  28. I don’t believe in apologizing for things that weren’t my fault. Been there, done that, and seen way too many people do it. If a person can’t filter out what has and hasn’t caused them harm, then I advise you kill yourself.

  29. While I’m registered as a democrat, I, by no means, believe a single word the US government tells the American people or the world. I’ve seen too many inconsistencies to believe that the government is telling the truth, and in all consciousness can’t believe it.

  30. I am not the jealous type. I know people seem to think that a little jealousy is ok… I don’t think so. I think it makes you look petty, insecure, and not in control of yourself. I’m more prone to trusting you until you give me a reason not to.

  31. I tend to stay away from easily offended people. A lot of what I say or talk about isn’t meant to hurt, it’s just meant to be real talk, but unfortunately many people still can’t handle it. So if you’re the type to get all butt-hurt over something I’ve said, you need to re-evaluate your life.

  32. I’ve date Black girls, White girls, and Spanish girls. I’m not picky, I have love for all women.

  33. I don’t always initiating coitus. When I realize that I’m the one always getting things started, I’ll stop just so my girlfriend can have a chance. If she doesn’t take those chances, then it’s time to talk.

  34. I’m not particularly fond of dating fat girls or skinny girls. Now when I say fat, I mean sloppy, disproportionate, mannish fat and when I say skinny, I mean no shape, rib cage showing, vertebrae plucking skinny. Now you may have the greatest personality in the world, but in some cases that may win the day, but if I can’t wrap my arms around you, or don’t want to hug for fear of breaking you in half, it’s a no go.

  35. I think celebrating Monthaversaries is stupid. I know some may think it’s cute, its not… it’s annoying and childish.

  36. I’ve come to realize that I would prefer a woman that is somewhat aggressive. There’s nothing worse than being with someone that forces you to be delicate all the time.

  37. I’m not big in sports, never was. Don’t get me wrong, seeing a sporting event live is awesome, but watching it at home… boring a little.

  38. I think reality TV is a of Satan.

  39. I consider my Facebook to be my forum, hell I created I Can’t Stand and We Can’t Be Together If… for that same reason. Because I consider it my forum, no topic is off limits. If you’re the type to butt-hurt because of the subject at hand, you’re better off leaving. I don’t like to censor myself on FB, but I do speak in generalities, so my forums aren’t targeted at any particular person.

  40. I like answering questions.

  41. I’ve started up YouTube channels, but haven’t posted up any real videos yet, hopefully soon.

  42. I don’t believe in cheating, swinging, or swapping. You’re better off ending the relationship.

  43. I have a very sarcastic, dry, and witty sense of humor. I also still believe in the art of linguistics.

  44. I tend to not rely on my emotions. I believe in logic and reasoning above all else, so I spend a lot of time in my head.

  45. While I am looking to settle down in the near future, this is America and as such, it is usually work first, play later, that doesn’t mean I won’t make time for my special lady.

  46. What you give me in the relationship is ultimately what you get back. I believe in fairness and balance.

  47. I tend to downplay some of my skills and abilities as to not have them exploited.

  48. Let it be understood that whoever I’m in a relationship with becomes very important to me, but will not be the center of my world from the start. You can try and get all comfortable real fast and try to make everything about you, but until I say I love you, you are still a Private First Class, not a Lieutenant.

  49. My favorite comedians are Patrice O’Neal, Chris Rock, Patton Oswalt, Louis C.K., George Carlin, Kevin Hart.

  50. If you can make me laugh, you are golden.

  51. I have more female friends than male friends.

  52. I believe in the Multiverse Theory.

  53. I like to keep a cool head, you’ll rarely see me angry.

  54. I don’t like to argue and I’m not big on confrontations. I’d much rather discuss the situation.

  55. I always look for underlying themes, cause almost anything has one.

  56. Most of the video games I own are fighting games.

  57. I’m a huge Batman fan, ask anyone. I hold The Dark Knight in very high esteem, not only as a great crime movie, but as a movie full of life lessons. I’m also a huge Dragon Ball Z fan, that show just speaks to me.

  58. I really hope to fall in love with a geek girl who shares some of my interests.

  59. I tend to do things my way. Even if your advice is very sound, years of me doing things on my own just indoctrinated me to do things the way I know how. I will on occasion try the methods of others.

  60. My weak spot is my head/scalp. That also means I have a high preference for natural hair.

  61. I’ve been know to be randomly romantic. It pleases me when my girl is pleased.

  62. I like booty, always been my favorite body part on a woman.

  63. I enjoy teasing, sometimes even more than Sex.

  64. I go into phases of Extreme Heat. That means for a couple of weeks to over a month, all I can think about is Coitus, to the point where masturbation doesn’t even help. Oddly enough, whenever I go into these phases, no one is ever there to help me quell it, regardless of if I’m in a relationship or single. These phases happen at random though.

  65. I enjoy board games, though I don’t own many.

  66. Despite the outer exterior, I pay great attention to detail.

  67. By no influence on my part, I often attain information that may have not been meant for me. I don’t know why, it just happens.

  68. I’m a pretty open book, ask me anything and I’ll share. I am, however, not adverse to lying if it’ll bring some good to a situation.

  69. I have a slight distrust of people that don’t use profanity.

  70. I dress according to what the situation calls for.

  71. I believe in chivalry, manners, and etiquette. I also believe in the dismissal of anyone that doesn’t believe in this.

  72. I’m pass the point where being “Facebook Official” isn’t that big of a deal to meal. If at all you feel like making it known to the FB world, I won’t object, but it’s not gonna offend me if it doesn’t occur.

  73. If you pretend to be dumb for attention, I’ll pretend to not know you.

  74. Porn, while pleasant, has very little affect on me.

  75. I believe in Solitude. It’s a good way to get in tune with yourself.

  76. I like to Meditate.

  77. Inactivity in a woman is a turn off.

  78. Twerking is the greatest bane to female society in my opinion.

  79. I enjoy good conversation, but if you’re the type to just ramble on about nothing, I will eventually tune you out… sorry.

  80. Getting me a gift is as simple as knowing my likes or asking for my Amazon list, either one works.

  81. I don’t have pets because I have not the time or money to maintain one.

  82. Trying to change me is a battle that’s not going to prove fruitful for you. Don’t try it.

  83. I will do anything for you as long as it’s in my power to do so or doesn’t compromise my integrity. Taking advantage of this will result in immediate cease of action… just a heads up.

  84. I’m not a picky eater.

  85. You are my girlfriend, not my father, mother, sister, brother, spiritual adviser, teacher, financial accountant… those people already exist. Just remember why I’m with you.

  86. I get over things rather fast.

  87. I think 3 is the magic number in terms of kids I want to have.

  88. I’m no rush to get married, but I am open to it.

  89. I’m known to waving at random strangers that look in my direction for a long time. I also have no problem with having a conversation with them.

  90. I still envision myself doing the vigilante thing.

  91. I don’t do celebrity crushes.

  92. I turn off everything before I go to bed, I need complete darkness for sleep..

  93. I wish the have the power of self propelled flight.

  94. I was in a very angry place with females and their horseshit a few years back. Not so much anymore these days.

  95. I’d say I know a little bit about a lot of things.

  96. I want to learn Japanese

  97. Just because I don’t talk about you or talk to you all the time, doesn’t meant I don’t think about you.

  98. I’m still friends with a few of my exes.

  99. I’d rather be really hot than really cold.

  100. I’m not a bad guy, I’m just set in my ways.

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